My name is Koloto Siraji, and I’m an Ugandan social artist: a dance artist and choreographer, creative facilitator, and events organizer. My passion lies in sparking communities to come together and advocate for common causes. My approach includes facilitating creative outlets through dance classes and performances, facilitating interactive discussions, and leading team building activities and creative games. This work has allowed me to work with marginalized and vulnerable communities through partnerships with educational institutions, prisons, children’s homes and orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, rural districts, and slums. My firm belief is that dance and other forms of artistic expression can be utilized to communicate with, empower, rehabilitate, and heal communities and individuals. Many of my skills and services have been used to promote and develop the Ugandan nonprofit organisation I founded in 2010, the Ensibuko Arts Foundation [EAF].

In addition to my role at EAF, I work and have worked with multiple individual clients, corporate groups and companies, and charitable movements and organisations. I have toured around  Uganda and other countries teaching, judging dance competitions and performing at various festivals and conventions. As an artist, I use my adroitness to narrate stories of my ancestry and my artistic journey.


I’m a dance teacher, choreographer and performer. With expertise in break dance, afro house, traditional African dance and fusion styles. I also specialize in dance theatre performances which are/have been used during outreaches, Cooperate shows and festivals. I have toured around Uganda and other countries teaching, judging and performing at various events. Click here to watch THE VIDEOS.


My workshops and outreaches have helped individuals to develop and maintain self-esteem, team work  and leadership skills, persistence, communication skills, empathy, and critical thinking. I especially focus on bridging gaps between different generations and backgrounds, promoting gender equality, and non-violent resolution. I am interested in creating activists and socially responsible leaders and citizens. Click here to watch a short documentary.


I have successfully organized a wide variety of events ranging from dance and arts competitions, arts exchange programs, workshops, arts camps, community outreaches, flash mobs, fundraisers and festivals. This includes Ensibuko Arts Foundation’s annual festival, a large international arts and cultural event held in Jinja. Click to watch a video.

“They who cherish their origin shall stand the myths of fate”


Projects and updates


Nyonza (The Ancestral Quest) is a dance piece that I choreographed with interest to find self identity longing to find

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My creations are inspired after a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. I make a fusion between African traditional dances and urban styles extracting layers from breakdance, Afro house and Ugandan traditional dance aspects, which I rearrange into a movement and body language piece with a contemporary approach. Creating a unique identity, inspiring, outstanding and mind-bending performances. My choreographic aesthetic is to create emotions and movement. Connecting the physical body, the  soul and the psychological emotions of the human being. The costumes, props and sounds I accompany with my work, always impact on how it is questioned and interpreted. Which Sounds evoke fear, sleeping emotions and love? And which emotional response you feel inside you by watching my movements? These are some of my creation embryo.

I explore the unspeakable things in my world and yours. Things that the spoken languish can’t express. Giving no direct messages but rather abstracts. I bind that connection that we can see and feel. My choreography is built on ethics, movements, emotions and communication beyond obvious interpretations. I use my craft to mirror, critique my society and convey social messages.